Stolen Kiss
Rating: PG


He watched as Fry and Johns ran towards her screams. He shook his head, knowing it was too late.

Why should he care, why should he risk his own ass for hers?

Laughing to himself, he slid from view, entering the darkness, allowing it to swallow him. Scanning the area for possible surprises, he tripped over a boot on the ground. Keeping his senses on high alert, he crouched down and picked it up. Lowering his eyes to the lonesome boot, he looked it over carefully.

It's the kid's!

Standing, he discarded the boot, tossing it at a pile of bones on his right. The boot hit it's target and he heard the sharp sound of bones shattering and something else...

The unmistakable sound of a human gasp.

He walked towards the sound and spotted her. Lying on the ground in a fetal postion, she was sobbing. Just what he needed--a crying, bleeding kid, revealing his position. He crouched down in front of her and covered her mouth with a big hand. She didn't move, did not even flinch at his touch. He could feel her lips curving into a smile under his hand and could see the telltale signs of hope and relief in her eyes. She placed a shaky hand on his and removed it from her mouth. That smile seemed to grow bigger and she threw her arms around him. Shocked by her actions, he pulled her away, locking gazes with her. Feeling like a bystander, he watched as her petite hands cupped his face and her dry lips pressed against his. She still smiled-- no sign of regret in her eyes-- as she removed her lips from his, laying her head against his chest, almost snuggling upagainst him.

How could he let this happen?

He taught himself, long ago, to expect the unexpected, but nothing like this had ever crossed his mind. Confused, he rose to his feet, losing the battle with the stranger that was taking over his emotions. He reached down and picked her up from the ground, holding her in a tight, protective grip.

Why was he holding her? Why was he letting her hug him?

It made no sense to him, but when she once again wrapped an arm around his neck, he allowed it, tightening his grip on her.He heard voices behind them, and turned to find Fry running towards him, arms streched out in front of her. She ripped the kid from his arms and an odd feeling of helplessness hit him like a freighter. Soon they were all over her like hawks, asking her questions, one after another. He could feel her eyes on him as he moved away from them, letting the "family" get reunited. Hearing her shaky voice call out his name, he turned his head and looked at her.

No fear, no regret only trust in her eyes....

The End!