Lone Wolves
Rating: NC-17 for sexual situations, bloodplay, toying with prey and pure evilness. If you squick easily, or just don't like Evil Riddick's... DON'T READ!


He watched her with his head cocked to the side, a sick smile working its way over his lips. He had her pinned down into the mud, her arms pressed hard into her chest by his knee. His shiv strolled over her throat and danced around her pulse. Cold rain poured down over them, making her eyes blink as the icy drops hit her eyelids. He could smell her fear and it tickled a beast he had sworn had been shut down after spending so much time around Jack and Imam on New Hell.

But he had been wrong. It hadn't been shut down. It had been waiting... hibernating.

And as the beast woke up, its hunger was ferocious. He could almost taste the blood on his lips as the animal clawed its way through his body, making him shudder in anticipation of its plans for her. His hungry gaze pinned her as the dirt was wiped from her face by the persistent rain. He was soaked and so was she. Fear and the cold had hardened her nipples into tight, tempting peaks. She was shivering and it pissed him off. He couldn't let her die from cold; that was too... human. He wasn't human anymore... and he knew she could see it.

Soon she would feel it.

Her eyes pleaded with him as he pressed the shiv into her throat. His gaze locked hers and the plea vanished. There was nothing inside him to reason with. Sanity gone, beast resurrected... and he loved it. He rose slowly to his feet and the moonlight made his enormous shadow loom over her.The wolf within him couldn't make up its mind. Play some more? Or feast? The girl scrambled back as he smirked down at her, the shiv turning in his hand. He needed to see... feel... taste... smell blood.

Her blood.

He circled her, his booted feet making large imprints in the mud that were washed away by the rain in moments. He loved rain. Night and rain. A dangerous combination whenever he was around. His hunting instinct would set in, and everybody became fair game. He would find the weakest of the herd and go in for the kill when his beast ordered him to.

He could feel her eyes, which told a story he didn't want any part of, follow him as he slowly stalked around her. She was half naked, just the way he liked them to be when they were sentenced to meet their maker. He watched as her trembling hands clutched her tattered shirt to her chest, desperately trying to conceal her breasts from his voracious gaze.

As his deep, dark laughter rose to the sky, the black clouds released their grasp on the moon they just had captured. His laugh, evil as it was when he hunted, made the nearby wolves howl in greeting.

He took a long, deep breath and inhaled all the scents coalescing around him and his prey. Fear stood out as the strongest, but there was a faint scent of arousal that mixed with his, and he knew where it came from. Not from the girl he circled, but from a place in the darkness surrounding them.

He could feel the intense gaze falling upon him. Every time his beast ran free, he had felt those eyes burning into his skin. The intruder's presence was overwhelming and it fed his fire to new heights. He stared into the darkness, into the eyes of the shadow.

A sound caught his attention. His prey was trying to crawl away from her destiny. He lifted his foot and quickly stepped back down on her hand. The pain on the girl's face made him laugh again as he pressed her hand into the mud, like he was stepping out a cigarette's fire with his own.

They just never learn... accept your fate and embrace death.

As his breathing rose, he could hear the spectator's rise too. Did the shadow feel his desire? His lust? His power over the pathetic weeping creature lying before his feet? His foot lifted and his hand came down. The soft swoosh that cut the air was followed by a scream that would shatter any normal heart. He looked down at the girl and his tongue swept across his lips, already tasting the blood that was gushing from her shiv-pierced hand.

A growl filled with lust and hunger crept out of the shadow and his head snapped towards it, ignoring his bleeding prey. His head cocked to the side and he smirked, smelling the intruder's rising arousal. He couldn't see the shadow, only smell it. The scent tickled its way through his nose and spread through his nerves, making his mouth water.

He could hear the prey whimper and his gaze slowly lowered to her trembling body down in the mud. She was staring at her hand, watching her blood mix with the muddy water. He crouched down and pulled the shiv out of her hand, making her scream again.

Such sweet music.

He lifted the shiv to his lips and flicked his tongue out against the blade. A feral growl erupted from deep inside his chest as his senses were assaulted by the sweet taste of her blood.

He felt a movement behind him and whirled around, licking the prey's blood from his lips. He didn't feel his shadow until it was too late and her red lips covered his, suckling at them to taste the blood he was savoring. He couldn't resist her. Lifting up the blade, he smeared the remaining blood over her cheek and, as he drew his head back, over her mouth. As she greedily licked the blood from her lips, he watched her tongue with a hunger he'd thought was impossible.

She was enchanting. Her ivory skin, blood-red lips, and the black hair clinging to her rain-soaked face made her look like the Snow White of legend. But her eyes... her eyes were what drove him wild and made his beast roar. A piercing stare. Cold, not human.

He saw himself in her. He could feel her beast trying to claw its way through its cocoon, seeking his, which was breaking through the last thin layer of humanity left in him.

Their beasts belonged together. He could feel it and so could she.

He laced his hand roughly in her wet locks as she tried to kiss his lips again. Shaking his head, he lifted the blade to his mouth and spread his tongue out flat, running the serrated edge along it. Then he released her and she hungrily captured his lips, plunging her tongue into his mouth to taste the blood he knew she lived for.

As she suckled on his tongue and ran her hands over his rain-soaked chest, he saw the prey stumble to its feet from the corner of his eye. He ignored it... for the time being. As it began to run, he laughed into the mouth of his new-found mate. His head cocked to the side and he saw a sick smirk that mirrored his own on her blood-smeared lips. She had the same instincts he did. The same overload of senses. He ran his hand down her throat, growling at the feel of her strong, hard pulse under his fingertips.

He wanted her. His beast wanted her.

She was his.

He turned his head. The prey was disappearing into the forest on bare feet, blood dripping from its hand, its head turning to see if it was being followed. He laughed again and turned his gaze back to his mate.

Her leather-clad thigh was pressed against his. She rubbed her gloved hand over his groin, stroking the erection he'd acquired during the chase and play. He growled low, grazing his teeth down the side of her throat, nipping at her pulse with his lips as his hands grabbed her ass roughly and pulled her even closer to him, letting their beasts meet through the skin of their human shells.

He knew that, once he claimed her body, their beasts would be one. He could see on her face that she longed for him. Needed him. This was his mate. Meant for him from the beginning, as he had always been meant for her.

No more lousy fucks with meaningless women that couldn't satisfy his beast, no more trying to dominate women whose surrenders were worthless. This woman in front of him, and the beast within her, were all he would ever need again.

Lifting up the shiv, he offered it to her. As she removed her glove and reached for it, he watched her delicate fingers run over the blade like they had found the meaning for their existence.

"Wanna do the honors?" he whispered in a low growl. Her lips twisted up into an evil grin in response.

Her fingers curled around the shiv and she launched herself down the path the prey had chosen. He growled in anticipation and followed at a more leisurely pace, along the prey's blood trail.

The End!